How many banks merge in 1921 ?

In 1921 there banks merge.

# Bank of Bangal [1806 established]

# Bank of Bombay [1840 established]

# Bank of Madras [1843 established]

These banks were merge 1921.

There are two type of banks.

There are two type of banks

1. schedule bank

2. Non-schedule bank

Those bank listed in RBI 1934 Act, called Schedule banks. And those are not listed called Non-Scheduled Banks.

How Many types of Sehedule Banks ?

There Two Types Of Sehedule banks....

# Commercial Bank

# Non-Commercial Bank

Commercial Banks : We can open an account in these banks.

Non-Commercial Banks : We can not open an account in these banks.

How Many types of Commercial Banks ?

There Two Types Of Sehedule banks....

# Public Sector Banks

# Private Sector Banks

Public Sector Banks : We call public sector banks where there is 51% shares or more than RBI

Private Sector Banks : Private sector bank is a bank where 51% of the shares belong to the Indian government.

Natioanl Banks

RRB- Regional Rural Bank

In 19 July, 1959 Nationalized 14 Banks. It was athaurised by P.M.(Smt. Indira Gandhi).

# Any such bank whose paid-up value was 50 million was nationalized.

# In second phase 15th April, 1980 Any such bank whose paid-up value was 200 carore was nationalized.

14 Nationalised Banks Lists :

1. AB :- Allahabad Bank

1. AB :- Allahabad Bank

2. PNB :- Punjab National Bank

3. BOB :- Bank of Baroda

4. SYB :- Syndicate Bank

5. CBI :- Central Bank of India

6. UBI :- United Bank of India

7. BOM :- Bank of Bombay

8. IB :- Indian Bank

9. IOB :- Indian Oversis Bank

10. VB :- Vijya Bank

11. DB :- Dena Bank

12. UBI :- United Bank of India

13. UB :- Uco Bank

SBI - State Bank of India

SBI banks SBI Bank is also known as Mini RBI

# SBI Head Quater in Mumbai

# First SBI Branch open in Sanghai

# In 26th Aug, 2010 Bank of Indore merge with SBI.

What is CBS in Banking

CBS is a Core banking solution. Here is "core" Define a terms -

# C - Centerlize

# O - Online

# R - Real time.

# E - Exchange Bank Soultion.

Any where deposit, Any where widhrawl.

V - Visa
I - Information
S- Service and
A - Association

C V V Code Verification Value

Debit Card First Payment of buying

Credit Card First buy then Payment

DC/CC - We also called it plastic money.

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